Check out This Map of the Most Wanted ‘Pokemon Go’ Pokemon in the USA

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Decluttr is a web service that buys up your old junk, including CD’s, DVD’s, games, cell phones, and a bunch of other stuff. Apparently, like everyone else, they’ve gotten into Pokemon Go (Free) in a big way, and compiled a map based on state-specific search terms to find which Pokemon people are looking for most in each particular state. I’m in Illinois, and they’re right on the money here. Everyone is wild about catching Eevee. Word on the street is they can evolve into tons of different things, which, I suppose, is super appealing to Illinoisans.


Of course Wisconsin is super into Metapods, arguably the lamest of all Pokemon. …But, they also like the Packers, so, yeah. Anyway, is the map accurate for your region? If you’re in a state where everyone is after a weird Pokemon, and you’ve got any insight as to why, let us know in the comments.

[Decluttr via @mochi_wsj]

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