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‘Cat Quest’ is a Promising Action-RPG from the Developers of ‘Slashy Hero’

The Gentlebros is the studio that brought you the fun Halloween-themed action-RPG, Slashy Hero (Free), which Kongregate wound up publishing last year. The ex-Koei-Tecmo developers aren’t resting on their laurels, as they’re hard at work on a brand new game, Cat Quest. You play as a customizable hero adventurer cat, exploring the world, fightnig enemies, and explring various caves nad dugneons for loot. Check out the trailer, and see how many cat puns you can spy:

The game taking place on the world map primarily is a cool twist, with combat taking place on the maps instead of going to separate screens like many games with overworlds. And there’s going to be super-strong enemies roaming the world for those that want an end-game challenge, kind of like Ultimate Weapon and Emerald Weapon from Final Fantasy VII ($15.99). Oh, and there’s going to be some significant references to Slashy Hero and the mansion it takes place in. This one is still in development, but a late 2016 or early 2017 release is targeted. The forum thread for the game is hopping, with the developers answering questions from our posters, so do check it out, particularly as there’s additional details and GIFs of the game to be had.