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‘Galaga Wars’ Soft Launches in Canada and Australia, Could it Be the ‘Pac-Man 256’ of ‘Galaga’?

Namco has soft launched a new shoot ’em up called Galaga Wars in Canada and Australia. Now, when I first heard the name, I thought “Oh no, Namco’s trying to do a Galaga Clash of Clans (Free) clone?" Because that’s what “Wars" seemed to indicate. Amazingly, no: this is basically the Galaga take on Pac-Man 256 (Free), where you have one life, and advance through random formations of enemies. The game lets you fly about in all directions, so it’s not entirely like Galaga, but it’s still got the classic enemies in their formations, and the ship you can rescue from the enemy’s clutches.

Galaga Wars Soft Launch

Galaga Wars can be a bit brutal, as shots can sometimes be hard to detect from the background. Oh, and the bugs come and feast on your ship’s corpse when you die, no joke. The monetization seems largely hands-off, with a coin doubler and extra ships (from other Namco shoot ’em ups!) available for purchase. You get coins that can go toward upgrades and unlocking later starting zones, with warp capsules used to go to them. It’s not a bad game, and might be worth giving a download if you’re curious – here’s a guide on how to download soft launch games if you need to know how.

CA/AU iTunes Link: [Galaga Wars]