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‘Teeter’ is a Game of Balance and Patience

The Frosty Pop Corps has quietly been making some solid casual games for the past year or so, and the studio is set to release another entertaining game, Teeter. This is the second in what they’re calling their “Balls Trilogy" – a name I’m sure FishdixGaming who streams with us appreciates – that started with Walls and Balls (Free). That game is a fun mini-golf-esque title, where Teeter has you lifting up two sides of a board using each thumb to guide the ball upward, trying to get it into the hole. You can’t lower either side, so be careful! The game is level-based, but it is really trick to do well at this game, even in the early levels!

The gameplay of Teeter reminds me a bit of the upcoming TumbleSeed based on what I’ve seen, except where in that game you’re trying to avoid the holes while here you’re trying to get them in the holes. Teeter is set to release on June 30th for $1.99. And I’m curious to see what The Frosty Pop Corps has up their sleeve next in the balls trilogy.