Gamevice MFi Controller Now Available at Apple Store, iPad Pro Version in the Works

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If you want an iOS MFi controller that holds your device and isn’t just a Bluetooth controller, then good news: it just became easier to get your hands on the Gamevice. Starting today, you can pick up the Gamevice at Apple Stores around the world, for $99.95 each. Now, that is expensive in comparison to other controllers – the SteelSeries Nimbus goes for $49.99 after all, and my personal favorite the Mad Catz CTRLi can be found for the same price (and it features an iPhone clip). But the advantage is of course getting a wired connection, and there’s definitely a benefit to having the system held in place at a comfortable angle.


The Gamevice is available in the iPhone 6/S/Plus model, the iPad Mini model, and the 9.7" iPad model, which is available now. Oh, and if you have an iPad Pro 12.3", you may be pleased to know that a Gamevice for you is coming soon. What a time to be alive!

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