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‘Super SteamPuff’ is a Fun Jetpacking, Shooting, and Dodging Game Releasing Soon

Weyrdworks is about to release its debut title on mobile, Super SteamPuff. This action game gives you a jetpack, gun, and dodge ability, and then charges you to try and defeat your opponents on the other side of the screen, dodging fire and picking up powerful bullets in order to defeat as many opponents as possible. The combat is fast and fluid, with picking up weapons being an effective way to get a leg up, but far from a guaranteed win thanks to the dodging. Check out the game in action:

The game is spectacular in motion, with fluid animation and crisp visuals. While the endless high score chasing is the bulk of the game, with currency that can be earned toward unlocking various customizations, there’s also same-device multiplayer in the game so you can enjoy it against a friend, enemy, neutral acquaintance, or just some rando. The combat in Super SteamPuff is a ton of fun to play around with, and I recommend checking this one out when it releases on June 23rd for $2.99.