Things Are Heating up in the World of ‘Temple Run 2’ With the New “Blazing Sands” Update

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The problem with super classic iOS games is all too often they get filed away in a “Great Games" folder on your iOS device which just grows over time. Add automatic updates into the mix, and it’s a real great way to have no idea that those classics are still getting updated all the time. Well, today’s a great day to dust off Temple Run 2 (Free) if you haven’t played it in a while and give the new update a whirl. Like the previous update, “Frozen Shadows," the latest update adds a whole new area to run through.

It’s called “Blazing Sands," and as you can see from the above trailer, you’ll be running through canyons along side raging rapids and Egyptian-y looking statues while marauding vines are smacking you in the face… Which really isn’t much of a surprise as vines in video games seem to be jerks almost 100% of the time. Of course there’s new stuff to unlock too between new outfits and Blazing Sands artifacts. If you collect ’em all, you’ll even get a swanky new hat.

Anyway, now that there’s a unlockable hat to be had, I’ve got to get back to collecting stuff. You won’t find someone more serious about getting video game hats than me.

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