Check out These Great ‘Hearthstone’ Decks Based on ‘World of Warcraft’ Lore

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When we usually write about Hearthstone (Free) decks, including in our weekly news roundup, the organizing principle is picking decks that will help you get as many wins as possible either on Ladder or in Tavern Brawls. But life doesn’t have to be only about winning, as HearthHead user Mordanticus demonstrates. What he did is instead of building strong – or just fun – decks, he build decks based around World of Warcraft lore. Yes, these decks won’t cut it in competitive play, but who cares when they are this awesome? The decks are split in categories such as Armies, Battles, Factions, Mad Alliances, and Raids, most of which are self-evident if you’ve ever played WOW.

For instance, there’s a Burning Legion army deck, a Darnassus army deck, an Orgrimmar army deck, a War of the Spiders battle deck, a Berserkers factions deck, a C’Thun-N’Zoth Mad Alliance decks and so on. You can check them all at this HearthHead page. I have to hand it to Mordanticus, this was a very smart way to use decklists to bridge the world of WOW and Hearthstone. I’m aware that we’ve seen similar ideas in some Adventures, but never decks that follow lore this closely at the expense of competitiveness. And now I’m wondering how these decks would fair in Wild; probably very badly, but taking them to battle would still be loads of fun.

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