‘Pull My Tongue’ Goes Free and Gets New Levels

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Noodlecake’s physics puzzler Pull My Tongue ($0.99) is currently free on the App Store as part of the Apple Free App of the Week promotion. So, go get this game that we rated four stars, which our Nathan Reinauer also gave a pretty snappy review headline to. I mean, well done. Greg the chameleon seems like a nice enough chap, but gotta make a music reference whenever possible.

“But what about me, I bought the game before it was free! Is there nothing for me?" But on the contrary, hypothetical person! Why, Pull My Tongue has actually just been updated with 18 new levels. Spiders have been added to the game that want to eat the same popcorn that Greg is hungry for, so you gotta get that tongue action going before someone else gets to it. Just like in real life.

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    Meet Greg. A hungry little chameleon that loves popcorn! Help feed Greg by pulling his tongue through a series of fun pu…
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