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Noodlecake’s ‘Dig Deep’ Invades the App Store on June 2nd

We got a nice look at Noodlecake’s Dig Deep back at GDC, and like many of their other titles we saw a few months ago, Dig Deep is making its way to the App Store soon. June 2nd is the day that you’ll be able to dig deep in Dig Deep, digging as deep as you can in various alien worlds. Dig it?

Dig Deep is totally procedurally generated, where you play as a dude named Rodger who has different companions he can bring with him which apparently have different abilities which help you in various ways as you complete the missions the game tosses your way. Better yet, the game is totally devoid of free to play shenanigans, and is launching at $1.99.

Sharpen your alien shovels, and stay tuned.