Freeze is (Finally) Getting Nerfed and More ‘Clash Royale’ Changes Coming this Wednesday

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Freeze spell has been a source of many complaints in the Clash Royale (Free) community because along with fast units like Hog Riders, it is devastating. Supercell finally agreed with players and is moving in to take some action. Freeze duration will be decreased by 1 second, so that should weaken the Hog-Freeze combo. Supercell doesn’t want to deter offensive play, which is why they aren’t nerfing Hog Riders instead. The Royal Giant will see a 4% damage decrease because he got too strong after the last update, and the Furnace cost went down to 4 from 5, its hitpoints decreased by 14%, and its lifetime decreased to 40 seconds. The reason is that Furnace wasn’t used almost at all so they decided to try and make it a more viable choice.

Fire Spirits Area Damage will see a radius increase of 25%, Guards hitpoints and damage will be increased by 8%, Miner hitpoints increased by 6%, and Lava Hound and Lava Pups will also have their hitpoints increased. The Elixir Collector will instead see a decrease of its hitpoints (as will the Cannon), while the Knight’s hitpoints will go up 10%. These are just some of the changes, and you can check out all of them here. As you can tell, the reasoning behind these changes is to make the new cards more attractive and to tone down some very powerful combos. The update is going live Wednesday the 18th, so bye bye Freeze.

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