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Go Fill in This Survey if you Want ‘Prison Architect’ on your Tablet

I’ve been waiting for Prison Architect to come to the iPad ever since it released on PC back in October, but I still haven’t heard anything from all those prisoners. Introversion Software had repeatedly stated its intent to bring the game over to tablets, but it had been awhile since the last time they talked about it. Today, IVSoftware sent out a survey asking whether players want Prison Architect to come to new platforms, either consoles or iPad and Android tablets. The survey carries the developers’ well-known sense of humor, so don’t be surprised by what your read. If you want the game to finally come to your tablets, go here to fill in the survey; it only takes a couple of minutes.

If you haven’t played the game, as the name suggests, Prison Architect is all about building and managing your very own Maximum Security Prison. You have to first build a prison that will keep the inmates in and (relatively) content, and then try and keep the whole place as sane as possible (or make sure everyone goes nuts). The game doesn’t glorify prison life as much as try to put the spotlight on how horrible current prisons are all the while keeping a dry and biting sense of humor. Let’s hope we get the game in the near future.