Rockstar Drops Prices on Entire ‘Grand Theft Auto’ iOS Library and ‘Max Payne Mobile’

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200px-Rockstar_Games_logoIt’s not uncommon for Rockstar Games to put their Grand Theft Auto iOS ports on sale, but it’s not as common to see the entire library of them all on sale at the same time. That’s what we’re experiencing right now, in what I’m dubbing “The Great Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto (and Max Payne) Cinco de Mayo Sale of 2016". Pretty catchy name, no? Right now all of Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto iOS ports are available for just a few bucks, down from their already pretty darn cheap regular prices. If you were to do some sort of cost to hours played equation for something like GTA: San Andreas, we’d be talking fractions of a cent per hour of senseless violence and crime. It’s an amazing deal and really there are no bad GTA games in the bunch. They’ve even knocked a buck off of the solid mobile version of GTA’s bullet time cousin Max Payne. Now is a great time to pick up any of these that you don’t own to fill out your collections. ¡Viva Rockstar Games!

  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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