‘Clash of Clans’ May Update Details Revealed – Greatly Reduced Spell and Troop Training Time

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With the Clash Royale (Free) update out of the way, Supercell has refocused their promotional lasers on talking about the upcoming update to Clash of Clans (Free) which introduces some pretty huge convenience features. Namely, spells and troops are going to take a lot less time to brew and train. Spells are going to brewed in half the time, and the Dragon, Watch and Wallbreaker will also be trained in half as much time as before. The Golem, Lava Hound, and P.E.K.K.A. units are going to train three times faster, along with “hugely reduced" hero regeneration times and faster training for other units across the board.

Here’s a great video detailing a bunch of the changes:

This seems pretty huge, as I feel like a big reason the Barbarian and Archer rush strategy was so common was because those units take so little time to build. Personally, I rarely used many of the “high end" units for anything outside of clan wars because they took so incredibly long to build that I feel I just get more action out of barchin’. When this update hits, that’s going to change significantly.

Also, as the video points out, it is a bit of an odd move by Supercell as it feels like speeding up unit production times was a serious money sink for competitive players. In reducing these timers so significantly, the game is going to get a lot more fun, but Supercell potentially is going to rake in less cash… Making these changes somewhat unexpected, but very welcome.

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