‘Dungeon Hunter 5’ Guild Wars Update Now Available, YouTuber Competition Starting Sunday

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Gameloft has released what they are calling the biggest update to Dungeon Hunter 5 (Free) yet, with the Guild Wars update. This new PVP mode has you fighting with your guild, and taking on players from other guilds, trying to help your guild become the greatest in the world. Special events where you can declare war against another guild for an hour-long battle in their stronghold will let you wreck some sweet damage on your enemies, and get some great rewards. Check out the developer diary talking about the new feature:

Along with the guild wars, there’s 11 YouTubers that you can help fight for. If the YouTuber you fight for gets the most points, then an armor based on that YouTuber will be added to the game in a future update. The event runs from May 1st-7th, so get in and get battling, and get a crazy suit of armor.

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