The Very Promising ‘Pathfinder Adventures’ Digital Card Game is Finally Out

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Finally! After a few delays (some long, some short) and loads of anticipation on our end, Pathfinder Adventures (Free) has found the path to the App Store (and to my iPad, of course). Everyone can now stop waiting and start playing. If you don’t know whether Pathfinder Adventures is your cup of adventuring tea, let me fill you in. Pathfinder Adventures is a digital card game based on the popular Pathfinder Adventure Card, which is in turn based on the very popular tabletop RPG. Pathfinder Adventures is a 1-4 players cooperative game in which players play unique characters, each with his or her own deck of carts and stats. As you play through the various Adventures, you acquire various spell cards, weapon cards, and so on, that you use to improve your character’s deck. I’ve written a preview of an earlier build that should give you an idea of how the game looks and plays.

Pathfinder Adventures

The game itself is free to download and includes the tutorial as well as one Adventure. If you want the rest of the Adventures, you’ll have to purchase them. Right now there are two extra Adventures available, Burnt Offerings and The Skinsaw Murders, with four more to come. You can buy the Adventures with in-game gold, though I don’t know how much gold you get from playing and how long that would take. For $24.99 you can have all current Adventures as well as future ones, all 11 Rise of the Runelord Heroes, and so on, so probably a very good deal if you like the game.

The game is single-player and pass-and-play only at the moment, but online multiplayer is supposedly in the works. Even without the online multiplayer part, the game is a lot of fun to play. So, if you feel like adventuring, go try out Pathfinder Adventures; it’s free to try anyway, and I think many of you will enjoy it.

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