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Ludoko’s Unique Dodging/Reflecting Arcade Game ‘Outdodge’ is Coming Next Week

A little more than a year ago, we sat down with Ludoko Studios during GDC 2015 and took a look at their unique arcade dodging/reflecting game Outdodge. At that time, Ludoko expected the game needed maybe another couple of months of work before release. Boy were they wrong! As it turned out, they spent the past year really polishing Outdodge to a freakish shine, which should be a good thing for potential players. They’re finally done with all that polishing though, and expect to launch Outdodge sometime early next week. Check out this brand new trailer.

Ludoko is actually doing a brief soft-launch of Outdodge for the next week in order to see if there’s anything major to be worried about before the game’s official launch early next week. If you simply can’t wait you can check out the soft-launch thread and grab the game from Australia or New Zealand, otherwise, assuming there are no major issues found, expect Outdodge to (finally) launch next week.