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NetEase’s ‘Tome of the Sun’ Will Let You Dungeon Crawl in a Duck Outfit

Have you ever wanted to go dungeon crawling with an army of battle pets, while wearing a duck outfit? Of course you have, you’re a rational human being. Then, you’ll be glad to know that NetEase is set to satisfy your ducky desires by releasing Tome of the Sun in western markets on April 28th. This hack ‘n slash game features chibi characters and tap controls, along with a whole host of character customizations – including the aforementioned duck outfit. And battle bets that go into battle for you. But while it might be adorable, it will feature tons of dungeon crawling with large numbers of damage to deal out to your hapless opponents.

The whole host of mobile hack ‘n slash features are to be expected here: short-form missions, raids, clan wars, and multiplayer both PvP and PvE, just all cuter than usual. You’ll be able to check this out as a free download starting on April 28th.