‘Planar Conquest’ is a Massive 4X Game Our Forum Members Love

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Our forums have been going gaga over a recent release this year, Planar Conquest ($8.99), a big 4X game that was released earlier this year. While its $12.99 price point and IAP (including a $19.99 “complete pack") might scare some people off, this is intended to be a massive, desktop-class 4X game (it’s hitting Steam later this year) that just happened to hit mobile first. And our forums have gone absolutely bonkers for this game from Shortbreak Studios and Wastelands Interactive – the forum thread has hit 110 pages of discourse at this point.

Now, since this has become a question, TA probably won’t be reviewing Planar Conquest because this game just isn’t really in anybody on staff’s area of expertise. The wounds of the Blood Bowl comment section are still fresh in this writer’s mind. So if you thought we weren’t going to write about this ever, well, surprise! Plus, with such a dedicated userbase on our forums already playing what is a game with niche appeal already, a review at this point might not be quite necessary. People who like 4X games should probably check this out because, hey, people in our community who love the genre have gone crazy over this. If you’re still undecided, I do recommend checking out the massive forum thread for more on this one. If you’re bigger and stronger gamers than us here at TouchArcade Towers, then you’ve got a community that’s sure to give you whatever info you need.

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