‘Clash Royale’ Will Soon Double your Crown Chest Rewards and Improve Card Donation

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In an effort to make that daily grind worth it, Supercell is changing Clash Royale‘s (Free) Crown Chests in a big way. Crown Chests will give double the rewards they currently do in an effort to help players (and to keep them playing the game longer, of course). This is good news because at least that one chest a day will be worth your trouble now. This change is related to the upcoming Tournament Rules changes that Supercell plans. The changes aim to level the playing field and let skill, timing, and placement be the deciding factors in competitive matches. In order to allow players to see why changes are coming, Supercell explains why the Rules exist in their current form and what kind of changes we might be seeing.

Clash Royale Versus Match

So, in an attempt to help players get to the Tournament Rules more quickly, especially since they are planning to increase the levels in the next update, the developers are giving us better rewards in the Crown Chests and, also, revamping the card donation and request system so that it improves as players reach higher Arenas. For instance, in the Royal Arena a player can request 30 Common Cards or 3 Rare Cards at a time. These changes will come in the next update, which should hit in early May.

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