‘KINGDOM HEARTS Unchained χ’ Is Out Now

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Good news! KINGDOM HEARTS Unchained χ (Free) just popped up on the App Store, so this week is suddenly shaping up to be a pretty good one in terms of releases. If you don’t know much about the game, Tetsuya Nomura described the game as taking place during the beginning of the KINGDOM HEARTS series. It takes place in the world of the fairy tales talked about throughout the series and before the Keyblade War. You’ll play as one of the many keyblade wielders. In the game you’ll fight the Heartless as you explore Disney’s worlds (more Disney themes on the App Store today after Disney Crossy Road (Free)). You can collect and evolve hundreds of character medals containing the power of popular Disney and FINAL FANTASY heroes and villains, which was a blend I always found fascinating in the KINGDOM HEARTS games.

You can, of course, team up with friends to take down the various bosses, and you’ll be able to customize your hero by putting on outfits based on Disney, FINAL FANTASY, and KINGDOM HEARTS characters. Square Enix feels that the sense of playing live with other people will be what will really hook players since the sensation of playing at the same time as others and competing with them occasionally is a very unique aspect of this KINGDOM HEARTS game. We’ll see how well this social version of the famous franchise will do.


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