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‘Feral Fury’ is a Gritty “Isaac-Like” Top-Down Shooter that’s Coming this Fall

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I’ve been in love with top-down shooters for decades, and when the iPhone came along it’s a genre that proved to translate extremely well to the touchscreen. Feral Fury is an upcoming top-down shooter from two Norwegian developers who were inspired to make an “Isaac-like" dungeon crawler for mobile and PC. That means they were inspired by The Binding of Isaac, and that Feral Fury will contain “randomly generated levels and a ton of weapons and items." Can I just say I hope Isaac-like catches on as a term? Check out the reveal trailer for Feral Fury.

I love the dark and gritty style of Feral Fury in that trailer, highlighted by some strong lighting and particle effects. Oh, and those HUGE bosses! Yes, sign me up please. The plan is for Feral Fury to go into beta sometime in June, with a full release planned for this fall. If you want to keep up with the developments on Feral Fury, be sure to poke around the game’s forum thread, and I imagine we’ll be talking about this one some more later this year.

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