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‘Boson X’ Creator’s ‘Black Hole Joyrider’ Coming to the App Store May 5th

Ian MacLarty, one of the two creators behind 2013’s brilliant Super Hexagon ($2.99) meets 3rd-person runner Boson X ($2.99), is getting ready to release his latest creation for mobile on May 5th. It’s called Black Hole Joyrider and it is “a vibrant tunnel twister in which you guide your spacecraft through the gravity well of a powerful black hole using only your retro-thrusters and dwindling fuel reserves" according to MacLarty’s own description. As with Boson X, there’s a fantastic sense of speed and style in Black Hole Joyrider, check out the trailer.

Black Hole Joyrider looks really cool, and it looks hard. Struggling to stay within the gravitational tunnel with limited movement and thrusting ability sounds like a challenge, and the way you rapidly lose life and the screen gets all scary and red when you fling yourself outside of the tunnel is just the type of thing that gets my heart pumping. I can’t wait to get my hands on Black Hole Joyrider when it launches on Thursday, May 5th for $2.99.