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New ‘Legend of the Skyfish’ Animated .Gif Shows Off Unique Combat Mechanics

In late February we were introduced to Legend of the Skyfish, an upcoming action-adventure-puzzler from Mgaia Studios and Crescent Moon. It featured a really gorgeous hand-painted art style and top-down adventuring that was reminiscent of old-school The Legend of Zelda. What really stood out to me though was the main character’s weapon in the game: A fishing pole. Not typically thought of as a threatening weapon, the fishing pole was interesting as it allowed for direct melee attacks but also for casting a line and hooking enemies to draw them closer to you. It sounded really cool on paper, and this new animated .gif that was posted in our forums shows off exactly how the weapon will work in action.

Now, keep in mind that this is a work-in-progress look at the game so it looks a bit rough around the edges, particularly with the UI and that little targeting reticle. But, how cool does that look? You can hack away at an enemy, or simply hook them and draw them in close, all dizzied and ready to be beaten on. It should make for some pretty interesting combat I think. Legend of the Skyfish is currently one of my most anticipated games, and the best way to keep tabs on its progress is to be following along with the thread in our forums.