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‘Disney Magical Dice’ is Disney’s Digital Take on ‘Monopoly’, Pre-Registration Open Now

If you are a Disney nut (*cough* Eric Ford *cough*) then chances are that you’ve been spending a lot of time making bad ass theme parks in the recently-released Disney Magic Kingdoms (Free). Even if you hate free to play city-builders, the allure of Disney’s iconic characters and the over-the-top production values are hard to ignore. Well, I think we’ll be seeing a similar situation with Disney Magical Dice, which is more or less Monopoly with Disney characters. Check out the trailer.

Now, even if you hate Monopoly the board game, how can you not be drawn to all that Disney magic? If this sort of thing looks up your alley, you can actually check out the official website for Disney Magical Dice and pre-register for the game, which according to the website at the time of this writing nearly 60k people have already done. You can check out some additional screens of the game there, too. No word on when Disney Magical Dice is set to launch, but if they’re cranking up all the pre-registration stuff and dropping trailers, I’d guess it’s not too far out.