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‘Boxy Kingdom’ Looks Like Another Cool ‘Crossy Road’-Inspired Dungeon Crawler

It seems like all the rage right now is Crossy Road (Free) games crossed with dungeon-crawling. There was The Quest Keeper (Free) last year, Looty Dungeon releasing this week, and now Boxy Kingdom. Developed by a team including the founder of 3D Realms in Scott Miller, and Gears of War lead designer Lee Perry, this is planned to be the first of several mobile releases from Dream Team Partners this year. The production values on Boxy Kingdom seem quite good, and the combat portion of the game actually looks like it has a good feeling to it, including a few different attacks for the different heroes, such as a whip for the Indiana Jones inspired character.

While “AAA developers go mobile" is hardly a new trope at this point – and “Crossy Road but dungeon crawler" isn’t either, there’s certainly potential here for this to be a fun game. The plan is for it to release very soon, as the game is in approval at Apple, and an Android release is also planned soon.