Is ‘Hearthstone’ Standard Mode Coming April 26th?

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Just like everyone else in the Hearthstone (Free) universe, I’m also anxiously waiting for Standard mode to finally hit Blizzard’s CCG and radically change the game, hopefully for the better. From what we know so far, we expect the new Standard/Wild format split and the Whispers of the Old Gods expansion to hit late April early May, and now we may actually have an approximate date, April 26th. Where did we get this date? Well, if you go to the client and try to buy the Curse of Naxxramas Adventure, you get a warning that starting April 26th, cards from this set will only be playable in Wild play format and you won’t be able to purchase this adventure any more.

So, it seems that something is going to happen on April 26th, but the question is what. If Blizzard switches to Standard mode on that day, it will mean that the last few days of the April season will be a total mess, and with Ladder points on the line, that might bring about plenty of complaints from pro players. At the same time, though, we are talking about a company that nerfed Warsong Commander very close to the World Championship, so such a move won’t be unheard of.

The other possibility is we get the Standard patch and, maybe, the new expansion on the 26th, but Hearthstone doesn’t officially switch to the new Modes until May 1st. So, plenty of possibilities, but it really remains to be seen. April 26th might be an important date for Hearthstone or it might just be the date when Naxx becomes unavailable for purchase. The wording on the client seems to state that April 26th is indeed the date when Standard/Wild kicks in, but who knows what Blizzard is actually planning. So, what do you think? We’ll let you know once we have any new information.

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