This Week’s ‘Hearthstone’ Tavern Brawl is ‘You Must be This Tall to Brawl’ and is All About Expensive Minions

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Second new Hearthstone (Free) Tavern Brawl in a row, so we must be doing something right. This time around, there are no preconstructed decks to frustrate anyone with their complete lack of balance (sorry Rafaam, you sucked); instead, what you get to do in You Must be This Tall to Brawl is fill your deck with spells and minions costing over 7 mana. As you can imagine, you can’t just rely on those big finishers to end the game because you’ll be done way before turn 7. The good thing is that you know the opponent only has 7-cost minions too, right? Well, not quite. Keep in mind that you can take any spell along that summons minions like Hunter’s Animal Companion, Ball of Spiders, or spells from other classes like Power of the Wild, Imp-losion, and so on.

So, what is a player to do? Well, first of all you could play Druid so you can ramp up quickly with Innervate, Wild Growth, and, of course, Astral Communion (aka the Holy Grail). That way, you can get up to that magic mana number faster than your opponent. Also, bring plenty of removal because your opponent will also (probably) bring spells that summon minions. Well, good luck!

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