‘Soul Seeker’ is Getting a Big Update Featuring a New Hero Combination System and More

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The quite popular A/RPG Soul Seeker (Free) is getting a pretty big update soon that should make players quite happy. If you haven’t played the game, Soul Seeker offers real-time combat and over 200 hundred heroes, all wrapped up in a pretty intense package. The new update will offer a new Hero Combination System, where players can acquire new specific heroes. The new system will consist of S-Grade, A-Grade, and B-Grade Heroes, which require various materials in order to be obtained. The update will also modify the Raid Battle System by adding a normal mode. Awakening materials will be available to obtain Raid Heroes introduced in this new mode.

The update will also add a New Awakened Tower of Despair where you can play against the Tower Boss, Despero. You’ll also be able to collect the awakening materials and the Devil’s Piece required to summon Despero. Finally, numerous special in-game item packages will be available in the new Special Shop where players can purchase themed packages catered toward adventure items and more. Also, there will be new gangster costumes for several characters, which should make a certain contingent of players happy.

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