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‘The Elder Scrolls Legends’ is Getting Closer, but not Close Enough to Show Yet

If you’ve been patiently waiting to see and hear more about Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls Legends CCG, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait at least a bit longer. According to Pete Hines, VP of marketing at Bethesda, they are getting closer to talking about it and showing the game, but they’re “not there yet." So, we’ll have to wait, and I’m not sure that the waiting has created any anticipation for the game since we literally know nothing about it. When it was announced back in June, we all got very excited despite the lack of a gameplay trailer, any screenshots, any information about the mechanics, a release date, or pretty much anything else; all we got was a name and a pretty trailer.

Since then, all we heard was Bethesda claiming that the game would drop on us out of nowhere pretty much like an arrow on the knee (sorry, couldn’t help it). Their plan, as described in July, is to announce the game and release it almost on the same day, which personally I can get behind because soft-launches and beta periods tempt me into playing a game when it’s either not finished or not bug-free enough to be enjoyable. Perhaps Bethesda wants to ensure that there’s plenty of content for when the game goes live so players don’t have to wait too long before expansions hit. But at a time when Hearthstone continues to pick up steam and continues to become synonymous with CCG for many people, I fear Bethesda might be losing the race. Hopefully, I’m wrong.