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Nintendo’s ‘Miitomo’ is Launching This Week

Four days ago Nintendo web sites were pretty sure that Nintendo’s Miitomo was getting pushed back due to the mysterious disappearance of all mention that the game was coming in March 2016 on the official Miitomo site. Well, per a Nintendo press release being blasted everywhere this morning, that was a total false alarm as Miitomo is hitting the App Store this week. Nintendo is saying the 31st, but with how the App Store has been working lately that really could mean anytime between now and sometime late Thursday afternoon.


Shaun has posted some first impressions of Miitomo from back when it soft launched on the Japanese App Store, and right now you don’t do a whole lot in it-

So how is it? Well, it’s more or less as it was described to us before. You start off by creating or importing a Mii. You then assign a voice and personality to it before moving on. From there, you’ll be directed to answer your first question, which in my case was concerning my favorite food. After that, you can tinker around and do what you like. So far, that doesn’t involve much more than buying clothes, dressing up my Mii, or answering more questions. I’ve earned some Game Tickets, which I can use to play a simple pachinko-style mini-game to try and win new outfits. The other currencies include coins for buying new clothes at the shop, and a mysterious “candy" item that I can’t find a use for. Almost everything you do will earn you coins, and the game gives you a bunch up front to set up your initial outfit.

I’ve got a feeling that Miitomo is going to be the cornerstone for the rest of Nintendo’s mobile game lineup, and will likely rapidly be updated with all sorts of crazy stuff, much like the rest of DeNA’s free to play lineup… Which makes it worth being on the ground floor so you can begin collecting currency in-game from the get go.

We’ll post again as soon as we see Miitomo appear on the App Store, but in the meantime, you can preregister here. This should be the iTunes link when it launches, unless Nintendo is doing one of those wacky different sku’s and iTunes ID’s for different regions things.