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‘Chameleon Run’ from Noodlecake Games Releases in April

Noodlecake Games and Jan Ilavsky’s Hyperbolic Magnetism are set to release Chameleon Run next week on April 7th for iOS. The gang got to see it at GDC, but now you’ll get to play this color-switching runner for yourself real soon. You’ll be switching colors to land on the proper platforms. If the colors seem unusual for a color-switching game, the developer is colorblind. That actually gives Chameleon Run a unique look. Here’s the official trailer, and then our footage from GDC:

The game isn’t endless, as it is level-based with fixed endings for each level, with 3 different objectives to complete. Each objective unlocks a different speed burst, with time trials unlocked after the 3 objectives are completed. Sounds fun, and the game really shines in motion at 60 frames per second with its high speed gameplay. Looks like fun, and Hyperbolic Magnetism’s previous games Lums ($1.99) and Perfect Paths ($1.99) are really fun too, so keep an eye out for this one in early April.