‘The Walking Dead: Michonne’ Gets a Trailer for Episode 2

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As anyone who has watched recent seasons of The Walking Dead is more than happy to tell you, Michonne is a total bad-ass. You could make a strong argument that she’s the most bad-ass, but, all that’s going to do is start an argument with Daryl fans. Anyway, The Walking Dead: Michonne (Free) launched a while ago, and unsurprisingly, fans of the series really seem to be digging this character-centric spinoff. Well, the second episode of this series is scheduled to hit this week, and Telltale just released a trailer for it:

After the last few episodes of The Walking Dead TV show, I’m really hoping that the next of these Walking Dead miniseries games is centralized around Carol. But, really, the universe is just dripping with great opportunities for even more games like this. Everyone seems to be happy with what Telltale is pumping out, so it seems reasonable to assume they won’t be stopping anytime soon.

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