‘Final Fantasy Record Keeper’ Gets Rewards and Special Dungeons for its First Anniversary

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DeNA and Square Enix’s Final Fantasy Record Keeper (Free) is celebrating its first birthday as a worldwide game. There was a time when several TA staffers were deep in the thrall of this game, and I’m pretty sure a certain unnamed RPG expert on staff has sunk triple-digit hours into this game between the Japanese and worldwide versions. If they or you for that matter need an excuse to dive deep back into this game, well, DeNA is giving you some good reasons to do so.

First up, the rewards. Log in before April 24th at 5:00 am PDT, and you get 50 Mythril, the Orthros summon ability, and the Celebration Blade, a weapon exclusive to the global version of the game. Then use your rewards on the new Nightmare dungeons, featuring powerful enemies from throughout the series. The first dungeon, Ultima Record, is available until April 4th at 5:00am PDT. The Super Soul Break Spectacular will have a higher drop rate and introduce several new super soul breaks, is available until April 4th. So, go fire up the game and get your sweet looting and dungeoning on!

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