Meet the Second God from ‘Hearthstone’ ‘Whispers of the Old Gods’, N’Zoth the Corruptor

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If you heard any whispers from the ocean’s depths, it was N’Zoth the Corruptor, the second God to be revealed from Hearthstone‘s (Free) upcoming Whispers of the Old Gods expansion. And if you like Deathrattle minions in your decks, this legendary is going to make you one happy card slinger. N’Zoth is a 10 mana 5/7 Legendary with a Battlecry “summon your deathrattle minions that died this game." A few clarifications about that battlecry first. According to Blizzard’s tweets, N’Zoth will raise silenced Deathrattle minions but not cards that were buffed with Deathrattle or transformed. Also, the resurrected Deathrattle minions will be random to go with the theme of N’Zoth embracing chaos.



Now, if this card was part of the game now, it would be crazy powerful, but the Standard mode will see many of the strongest Deathrattle minions become permanent residents of Wild. Still, despite losing those cards, N’Zoth is still a very strong finisher in a Deathrattle deck, and don’t forget that we should see more Deathrattle cards in WOG. Not everyone seems impressed, though, with many feeling that C’Thun’s burst damage makes that God much more powerful than this one.

I’m curious to see how effective N’Zoth decks will be. I’ve seen people mention Dreadsteed decks for example, (although by the time you play this guy, I don’t know how much use Dreadsteeds will be), while others dream of having N’Zoth bring back Tirion Fordring. Fun ideas, but we’ll see how effective such decks will end up being. For now, all you can do is watch the short video that introduces the lore behind the God, and read Blizzard’s quite nice introduction to the God here. What are your ideas for building around this card? Are you impressed, or not that much?

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