‘Aralon: Forge and Flame’ Updated with New Paladin Class, New Dungeon, and In-App Store

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If you’ve been enjoying your virtual adventures in Aralon: Forge and Flame ($4.99) but feel like you’d enjoy it even more if you could play as a Paladin class, well, today’s update is for you. The oft-requested Paladin class has been added to the game, along with a brand new dungeon called The Ruins of Valemar. In addition to the new class and new dungeon, an in-app store has been added to Aralon: Forge and Flame so if you want to spend some real-life money to fast-track your virtual character’s progression, then now you have that option.


If you haven’t played Aralon: Forge and Flame yet, now is a good time to hop aboard as not only is there the new content from today’s update but the game is also on sale for the first time, down to $2.99 from its original price of $4.99. You can also check out Shaun’s extensive review of the game if you haven’t done so already, and current owners can check out this latest Aralon update in the App Store right now.

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