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GDC 2016: Watch Jon Van Caneghem Play High Level ‘Creature Quest’

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Creature Quest has been a bit of a weird game to follow, because it’s made by Jon Van Caneghem, a guy with an extensive Wikipedia page filled with all the monumental things he did to evolve the world of PC strategy gaming. When you hear he’s got a game coming, you’re kind of expecting something in the same vein as Might and Magic. Instead, he’s behind a free to play mobile game, which has seen some pretty vocal detractors. Well, we met up with Jon Van Caneghem at GDC, and got a look at what high-end gameplay looks like in the game with his own dream team of super high level characters:

What’s fascinating to me about this whole situation is that Creature Quest has a super-strategic top end, but so many of the people who are openly dismissing it are doing that based on the first 30 seconds or the gameplay, or maybe not even that, just because it’s a free to play mobile game. JVC is genuinely passionate about this whole project, and I’m super interested to see how someone with his roots can do on mobile. Creature Quest is currently in soft launch, and due to launch reasonably soon, so I guess we won’t have to wait long to see how it does.

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