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GDC 2016: If You’re Into Virtual Pets, ‘Egg!’ Should Be On Your Radar

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Egg! is the tamagotchi style game from the well funded Nix Hydra Games in Los Angeles. In Egg! the players raise an egg from the point it is laid to when it hatches. The egg itself will be demanding and annoying at times, just like a tamagotchi should. It may require washing, feeding, or want to play a game. And the choices of what is done and when will change the personality graph and determine what type of character hatches from the egg.

One interesting feature of Egg! is that individual eggs can be raised between a pair of people. Think of it as a virtual version of the egg baby experiment from high school. Tamagotchi games have been done before, but this one hopes to break out by doing some things a little different.

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