‘Clash of Clans’ Shares Sneak Peek Of New Inferno Towers, Mortars, and Talks Upcoming Balance Changes

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Well, here we go again. As it did with Clash of Clans (Free) Town Hall 11 Update, Supercell has started teasing us about what’s to come in the next update and also announced the first in a number of frequent balancing updates to come in 2016. Shifting away from doing only major updates, Supercell has decided to address offense/defense balance, troop viability, and so on more often. The developers’ goal is to keep attacks interesting, exciting, and rewarding. But before we get into the balance changes, let’s talk about the new sneak peak regarding the Level 4 Inferno Towers, available at Town Hall 11. Inferno Tower Multi-mode acquires new targets faster (almost immediately as you can see in the video below). The slight delay was initially added because of the Tower’s overwhelming success against Witches. However, the latest Witch level in armies and donations means that the Tower needed a boost to help bring the defense back into balance.

These defensive buffs got many players complaining that TH11 will now be almost impossible to three-star, but apparently Supercell will present various other changes or additions that should still allow players to 3-star TH11. We don’t yet know what those counter-measures will be, so we’ll have to wait and see. Also, we are getting new artwork to the Air Defenses and Hero Pedestals, a new Level 9 Mortar, and a new Builder Summary that will allow you to keep track of your builders in real time. With this change, you should be able to plan your upgrades better.

In addition to the sneak peak, we also got some details on the upcoming balance changes. According to the announcement, there will be some interesting Town Hall 11 changes as the Grand Warden Life Aura and Eternal Tome range will be reduced slightly to make placement of the hero more challenging. Players at Town Hall 9 and above will see all Skeleton hitpoints reduced so they once more become fragile and so that Archer Towers stay effective against it. Also, Skeletons spawned from Witches no longer trigger traps. Goblin level 6 has been moved to Town Hall 9 from Town Hall 10, and X-Bow levels 2-4 damage increased.

For Town Hall 8, Valkyrie will see its damage increased and hitpoints decreased and will start attacking much faster after reaching the target. Wizard Tower levels 5-9 hitpoints will be increased, and defending troops (but not Heroes) will flee from Poison Spells if they are standing idle. At Town Hall 5 and above, all Dark Spells brewing time will be decreased to 10 minutes and all Elixir Spells brewing time decreased to 20 minutes. Finally, battle time limit will be reduced to 3 minutes per attack again, revenge attacks award Star Bonus and League Bonus rewards, and so on. These are just some of the upcoming changes (the rest can be seen here), and I expect we’ll hear more in the upcoming days. So, what do you think? Happy with what Supercell is doing, or would you rather see different changes and/or additions come to the game?

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