War at its Cheapest as ‘This War of Mine’ Drops to its Lowest Price Ever

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This War of Mine ($13.99) put gamers in an awkward position when it came out because while the game is great in so many ways, it was tricky saying that you really enjoyed a game about the despair of civilian population in warzones. This was a game about war at its grittiest, and while I hesitate to use the word “realistic," it was definitely a depiction of warfare as experienced by the vast majority of those involved in it. As our 5-star review pointed out, games that create lasting impressions and have you thinking about your decisions long after you turn off your tablet are worth experiencing, and now you can experience This War of Mine at its lowest price ever. The game is 70% off its usual $14.99, and now you really have no excuse not to get it; well, unless that excuse was that the game’s violence and stark representation of war doesn’t sound like a fun time, because that excuse is still a valid one.

However, we’ve played so many games about war where we always occupy the place behind the gun that I think shifting from being the eyes behind the gun to being that innocent civilian we accidentally shoot is a healthy (if I can call that) shift in perspective that reminds us how war is more than just shooting a gun at bad guys. I don’t want to moralize too much, but the accusations that most games glorify warfare at the expense of its human cost aren’t really that unfair. If you do decide to take the plunge in the moody sea of misery that is This War of Mine, you’ll find a game with beautiful visuals, difficult choices, a Day/Night cycle that you’ll have to master if you are to survive, and an experience that will stick with you.

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