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GDC 2016: Invictus Games Shows ‘Prime Time Rush’, ‘Drifting Schoolbus’, and ‘Ring Mania’

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Invictus is here at GDC showing off a trio of their upcoming games. Two are vehicle-based and somewhat similar to their popular Daytona Rush (Free), while the third is a nifty digital take on the old underwater ring toss toys that I loved when I was a kid. First is Prime Time Rush which is a lane-based car dodging game where you’re outrunning the cops and collecting cash from armored cars along the highway. Next is Drifting Schoolbus which is sort of similar but it’s single-tap and there’s really only two lanes to switch between as you drift in a variety of wacky school buses and pick up children to drop them off at school. Finally Ring Mania takes the ring tossing concept and adds a TON of levels and tricky setups for getting rings around the goal posts.

All three games are pretty close to completion, with Prime Time Rush shooting for a soft-launch sometime in April with a worldwide release to follow, Drifting Schoolbus shooting for a May or June release, and Ring Mania “definitely" releasing sometime in May. Keep your eye out for these new ones from Invictus!

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