‘The Walking Dead: Michonne’ Episode Two Arrives March 29th

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The first episode of The Walking Dead: Michonne (Free) was an entertaining start to Telltale’s new miniseries primarily because of the complexity of the lead character (spoilers ahead). The way Telltale tried to bring Michonne’s pre-apocalypse life into play made for an intriguing protagonist whose past regrets and present hauntings help the player feel more invested in her fate and actions. Telltale even mixed in some horror elements to the episode beyond the usual jump scares, and I really enjoyed that part as you can see in my review. Sticking by its promise to bring one episode a month, Telltale has announced that the second episode of the miniseries, Give No Shelter, will arrive March 29th on all platforms and the last one is coming in April.

The Walking Dead Michonne

The new episode picks up the story on the floating colony of Monroe as Michonne and the rest of her party try to escape the clutches of Norma and her crew of cold-blooded killers. However, Michonne will have to fight not only against Norma but also against the horrors from her memories that threaten to fracture her sense of reality. So, fun times! I’m looking forward to the episode, and I’m very curious to see how Michonne’s past will intrude into her present once more. While waiting for the episode, you can watch the video below that talks about the various choices of Episode 1.


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