‘Hearthstone’ Patch 4.2.0 is Live, Brings Deck Recipes, Standard/Wild UI, and More Deck Slots

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As promised during the Whispers of the Old Gods presentation, Blizzard has just patched the Hearthstone (Free) client to give us a taste of what Standard and Wild UI will look like as well as patch in some useful new features and better functionality. The client now will show you whether the deck you’ve picked will queue you up for Wild or Standard through a small icon on top of the Casual/Ranked icons, and you can cycle through all 18 decks (provided you’ve unlocked all 9 Heroes) in the Play menu and the Collection menu. The Collection Manager has Deck Recipes as well as a better search function now that lets you search using terms like Attack, Health, Cost, Golden, etc, and more. The Suggest a Card feature has been improved, too.

There are also some Whispers of the Old Gods related additions. The pre-purchase should be available today (it wasn’t yet at the time of writing); you’ll be able to pre-purchase a 50-pack bundle of WOG card packs (along with a card back) for $49.99. You won’t be able to open the packs, of course, but the C’Thun card back will be available immediately. If Blizzard does what it always does, the promotion will be available up until the release of the expansion.

Blizzard also added a new Hero Portrait, the Paladin Liadrin, that will be obtained through an upcoming World of Warcraft promotion. There are also some Tavern Brawl related additions that, of course, aren’t visible in the client yet but you can check out here. And finally, Reno Jackson will glow when it’s ability can be used, a great help to anyone playing Reno-based decks. The patch is live, so go check out the new stuff.

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