‘You Must Build a Boat’ Drops to 99¢, You Must Buy This Game (If You Haven’t Already)

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1000000 ($2.99) was an amazing puzzle game that absorbed months of my life, so when we heard there was a sequel coming, I was unbelievably stoked. You Must Build a Boat ($2.99) is better than 10000000 in just about every way, which Shaun goes into incredible detail explaining in his review.

Well, right now this block sliding puzzler is on sale for one US dollar. If for some insane reason you don’t have this game already, I assure you there’s nothing you can spend a dollar on today that will be better than You Must Build a Boat. If you do already have it, now is a great opportunity to convert your friends and relatives who might not have been up for the original premium price of $2.99.

That reminds me, I’ve got a boat I must build.

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