‘Lost Socks: Naughty Brothers’ Hits the App Store and You Need this Bad Boy in Your Life Immediately

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A couple of weeks back we posted a brand new trailer for Lost Socks: Naughty Brothers (Free), a game that was initially announced way back in December of 2013. After progress on the game went silent back then, everyone just kind of assumed the project was dead until that trailer surprised everybody by popping up earlier this month. Anyway, the response to that trailer was incredible, and it was easy to see why. Lost Socks boasted some fantastic animation and character design, and promised a hardcore platforming/runner hybrid that was not for the faint of heart. As an added bonus, the game was completley devoid of any IAP, timers, energy, or any other free to play nonsense. This was a gamer’s game, people!

Well the only thing more shocking to me than the positive reaction in the comments of that post was the overwhelmingly positive reaction from those who were lucky enough to snag an early code for Lost Socks in our forums. That forum thread is closed now since the game is out, but it’s worth visiting if you haven’t already just to read the sheer and unbridled joy coming out of those who were playing the game. I had also received the game ahead of release and although I haven’t accomplished nearly as much as the folks in that thread I can heartily agree with their sentiments that this game is the real deal. The animations and production values are so off the charts it’s like you’re playing an interactive Disney movie. And it’s not just a looker either, Lost Socks gets pretty hardcore pretty fast but somehow still feels approachable and not overly complex.

Of course the thread linked above is now closed as Lost Socks is released and there’s now an official thread started in the main games forum. Speaking of which, lots of impressions are starting to roll in, and of particular note is our own forum moderator metalcasket’s excellent user review which you should totally read. This is one of those games where it’s hard to put into words just how great it is, but I think metalcasket did a pretty great job of doing just that. If you’re the type of mobile gamer who’s sick and tired of free to play and overly casual games spurting out of the App Store like a firehose, I have a feeling Lost Socks will be your new best friend. Do check out the forum thread for some discussion and if you’re an advocate of premium gaming on mobile it’s time to put your five dollars where your mouth is with this one.

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