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Slash Enemies and Get Rich in ‘Road to be King’ from Noodlecake and NoHuman

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Noodlecake and NoHuman Studio have announced Road to be King, a new one-touch endless action game. You control Edward, a curious little creature who’s a knight in this world, as he runs around through vertically-scrolling levels, slashing up enemies that get in his way, and maybe picking up some riches along the way. We all got bills to pay.

Every so often, you’ll be able to get chests that give you certain in-game powerups. And the gems you earn can go toward permanent upgrades to Edward. The game is planned to be free with ads, with an IAP to remove them. The game reminds me a bit of Mmm Fingers (Free), and the developer name seems familiar, though No Monkeys is the developer of Mmm Fingers. So maybe in late 2017 we’ll get a touch-and-drag game from a studio called No Dolphins or something like that. I’m expecting it now! Until then, you’ll be able to play Road to be King on March 3rd on iOS and Android.

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