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‘Dumber League’ Could be an Interesting Stop-and-Go Soccer Game

Magic Cube Games has a whole assortment of unique titles, including the Barcode Knight ($0.99) games. Now, it looks like they’ve decided to tackle sports with a future title, in what they’re calling Dumber League. Basically, it’s a kind of crazy stop-and-go soccer game, where players will knock each other out of the way to get to the ball. But the gameplay has the player that gets to the ball stop and aim their shot or pass as time freezes.

It seems like an interesting approach, and one that I’m curious to see how it plays out when it releases in the summer. Soccer can be a difficult sport to see the strategy of for the casual observer with so many bodies about, and slowing it down like this could be an interesting way to play a soccer game. It feels risky to a certain degree too, as a fun pacing could be tough to pull off too. But it’s worth keeping an open mind on what seems like a fun idea. Check out the game’s thread in our forums for more on Dumber League.