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Infinite Dreams Announces ‘Sky Force Reloaded’ With Teaser Trailer

Sky Force 2014 (Free) is one heck of a vertical shooter which our own Shaun Musgrave liked quite a bit in his review of the game. The 2014 release was a huge leap over the original Sky Force which launched in 2004, and it’s looking like Sky Force Reloaded is going to be another similar leap. Check out the just-released teaser trailer:

As mentioned in our forums, the game is two or three months out from release and it seems like it’s just going to be a bigger/badder version of the game we already love. It’s also coming to basically everything, as they list iOS, Android, TV’s (Apple TV?) and PC’s as launch platforms.

Anyway, Infinite Dreams makes some rad games, so this one is definitely worth getting excited for.