This Week’s ‘Hearthstone’ Tavern Brawl is ‘Decks Assemble’, Again

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Hearthstone‘s (Free) developers have decided to torture players again by giving us the Decks Assembled Tavern Brawl, easily the more confusing of the Brawls so far. When this Brawl first came out in December, many got confused because of the way this brawl lets you build your deck. Here’s how it goes: first you pick the class you’d like to play, and at the start of the turn, you choose a card through a process that looks a lot like the Discover mechanic. When you play a card from your hand, you shuffle a copy of it into your deck, and when your turn ends, your hand is destroyed and 4 cards are drawn from your deck. Not the easiest Brawl to figure out the first time around as seen by the number of hints you’ll get throughout the first few turns.

Each player starts with the cards in his or her hand plus another 3-5 cards in their deck. The cards you start are a selection of the following: Armor Plating (1-cost Give a minion +1 Health), a 1/1 Chicken, and Whirling Blades (1-cost Give a minion +1 Attack). Cards with battlecries activate after the card is shuffled in your deck, which means Joust cards could summon a copy of themselves. The Coin, of course, isn’t added to your deck, and your hand is shuffled back into your deck before the new hand is selected, which means you might draw the same cards again.

In general, the cards discovered first are often the most important because you’ll get to see them more often than the rest. So, pick carefully because while you want to have a good early game, you’ll be drawing those cards even in the later turns. Discard effects can help thin out your deck, and keep in mind that Life Tap will benefit you only in the turn you use it because then that card goes back into the deck with the rest. Good luck and keep in mind, this Brawl takes a while because of all the Discover going on each turn.

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