Someone Alert Shaun Musgrave! Classic Action RPG ‘Ys Chronicles 2’ Now Available

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If you thought you’d be able to kick back and soak in some Final Fantasy IX ($20.99) since its surprise launch earlier today, I have some bad news. Or good news, depending on how much free time you actually have and/or how massive your backlog already is. The classic Ys action RPG series continues on iOS with Ys Chronicles 2 ($1.99), which just dropped mere moments ago from the fine folks at DotEmu.

You might remember that the first Ys Chronicles ($1.99) launched just about a year ago, and our resident RPG expert Shaun Musgrave enjoyed it a lot in his review. Its translation was a bit rough around the edges but not a deal-breaker, and the story was also a bit light in that first entry. However, that’s what makes this release of Ys Chronicles 2 so special, as it almost feels like the two games were meant to be one. It’s like the Kill Bill of classic ARPGs.

So if you can muster up five bucks and the free time, definitely give Ys Chronicles 2 a download and check out what folks in our forums are saying about this one.

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